App Privacy Policy

Data privacy is a prime consideration in the development of this app.

The user owns and controls all data collected. No data is transmitted to Apps & More Software Design, Inc., or any other party. The only data collected are the test results, and these remain on the device. No data is transmitted to "the cloud". Data can be deleted at any time. If the app is deleted, all of its data is also deleted.

All data is encrypted using Apple's hardware encryption provided the device has its password/biometric features activated. The app itself can be password protected, or as an alternative biometrically protected using Touch ID or Face ID on devices equipped with Touch ID or Face ID. A special "Client Mode" allows a human subject to self-administer one of the included tests on the device without access to other tests or other persons' data.

Data may be exported via email, messaging, or Air Print, strictly under control of the user. No data exported by the user includes the client's name, only an alternative ID chosen by the user.

Data cannot be shared with other apps.

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