Comprehensive Mental Health Scales App Released for iPhone and iPad

Mental Health Scales, an app developed in close collaboration between Carol Peyser, M.D., a board-certified adult psychiatrist, and Apps & More Software Design, Inc., brings to the private practitioner, medical facility, or medical services institution a comprehensive set of mental health rating scales on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad to assist diagnosis and to monitor responses to treatment.

Over a year was spent selecting the suite of scales to be included, developing a simple intuitive interface, and ensuring that the security needs of the health care professional on the go are met. The app automatically tallies the test results, handles and securely stores data for any number of patients, and provides for email of the result summaries back to the clinician's office or the facility's records center. With the simple interface and security features there is the option that a client can be handed the device to perform a self reporting scale while being observed.

This collaboration brings together a complementary team. Dr. Peyser provides the experience of her daily practice, plus extensive research and clinical experience. Donald Hall, PhD., President of Apps & More, brings the quality of design that has been relied on in 30 countries for over 10 years for Apps & More’s script scheduling software.

The suite of scales provided are: PHQ-9 (self-rated depression scale), GDS (geriatric depression scale - short form),  GAD-7 (generalized anxiety disorder screening which can also be used to rate symptoms of anxiety in other disorders), ADHD-SRS (adult ADHD self-reporting scale), AIMS (Abnormal Involuntary Movements Scale - quick screening for tardive dyskinesia that can document absence of, progression or regression of abnormalities), and BMI (Body Mass Index + Waist Circumference) for monitoring the effect of medications.
These scales are well-validated and can be be easily and efficiently used by physicians, nurses, therapists and others in the helping professions.

When asked about the importance of Mental Health Scales Dr. Peyser said, "most astute clinicians are aware that standard rating scales properly used can enhance the accuracy of diagnostic interviewing. Done over time, they can provide an excellent way to document the course and severity of symptoms and response to treatment. Some patients are more forthcoming in self-ratings with regard to symptom severity than they are likely to be even when interviewed by a very experienced professional.” Donald Hall added, "making these scales available through the ITunes Apps store fits with the trend of the medical profession to use the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch as a routine part of their busy lives.”

About Apps & More Software Design, Inc.

Apps & More Software Design, Inc. is a privately owned Canadian corporation founded in 1998 by Donald S. Hall, PhD. The focus to date has been script scheduling software, which presently includes the Macintosh OS X application Script Timer and the related products Track Timer and Job Timer. Clients in more than 30 countries range from software corporations to research labs to offices to private individuals.

About Carol Peyser, M.D.

Dr. Peyser is a board certified Adult Psychiatrist with many years of clinical experience. In her active daily practice she provides highly individualized care for a wide variety of conditions. She has served on the full-time faculty at both the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and at Stanford University School of Medicine, and has authored many peer-reviewed papers on psychiatric and neurological disorders.

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