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Mental Health Scales brings to the private practitioner, medical facility, or medical services institution a comprehensive set of mental health rating scales on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
Version 2.2 adds improved compatibility for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and for iOS 8, and the list of subjects (people) is now searchable. In addition Touch ID (fingerprint scanning) has been added to provide an alternate method of unlocking the app, and the accent color of the interface is fully customizable. Mental Health Scales also works with iOS 9 and 10.

ATTENTION:Please review the important security alerts on our News page.

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The list of scales as it appears on the iPhone or iPod Touch

mental health rating scales iPhone

The list of scales as it appears on the iPad in portrait mode

mental health rating scales iPad

ATTENTION: Mental Health Scales and its updates are only available from the official iTunes App Store. Never agree to updating outside the store.
Developed in close collaboration with Dr. Carol Peyser, a Board-certified adult psychiatrist with extensive research and clinical experience, Mental Health Scales meets real life needs of the health care professional on the go.

Its simple, intuitive interface (and security features) means that a client can be handed the iPhone or iPad to self-rate on a scale or perform the Clock Test while being observed, or while the practitioner performs other tasks. Scores are automatically tallied and past results are readily available to the clinician for comparison.

Test histories for any number of clients can be stored securely on the mobile device and results can be emailed back to the office computer, making the application ideal for working at more than one location or facility. Results can also be printed on an AirPrint compatible printer on the same Local Area Network as the device. In either case an alternate ID is used to identify the client - the client's name does not appear in the result.

The app is easy enough to use that a client could run it on their own device and use the email feature to send in results to the practitioner.

Included Rating Scales and Tests
  • ADHD-SRS (adult ADHD self-Reporting scale)
  • AIMS (Abnormal Involuntary Movements Scale - quick screening for dyskinesia)
  • *CAGE (alcohol problem screening)
  • GAD-7 (generalized anxiety disorder screening)
  • GDS (geriatric depression scale - short form)
  • PHQ-9 (self-rated depression scale for monitoring and diagnosis)
  • PTSD Screen (post traumatic stress disorder screening)
  • *Clock Test (Cognitive Screening - iPad only)
  • BMI (Body Mass Index + Waist Circumference)
* New in version 2.0

Key Features

Click here to review the features of the application on the iPhone, or here for the iPad. Data security is a prime consideration. Click here to learn more about security measures employed.